Feit Sisters

Haus der Geschwister Feit, Mittelstraße Niederzissen

Carolina Feit

Born on October 26th, 1877, in Niederzissen

Rosa Feit

Born on February 25th, 1880, in Niederzissen

Bertha Feit

Born on December 19th, 1882, in Niederzissen

The three sisters are presumably deported on April 26th, 1942, first to the transit camp in castle Brohleck and a few days later, on April 30th, via Coblenz to Krasnystow-Belzec. They are declared dead.

The three sisters Carolina, Rosa, and Bertha Feit remain unmarried and live together in a house in Niederzissen near the synagogue. For reasons unknown, the Feit family is also called “Heiems” in the village. Carolina Feit, the story goes, sits in her armchair and enjoys her pension earned while working as a maid for the banking family Rothschild in Frankfurt. Rosa, a master seamstress, trains young women in her craft, while Bertha Feit is responsible for the three sister’s household. All three are murdered by the Nazis.