Chapter 1:
From the First Day to the Last

The chapter “From the First Day to the Last” is a brief geographic and thematic introduction for a visitor of the virtual museum of the former synagogue of Niederzissen. He will get to know the villages which are part of the congregation of the Niederzissen synagogue, learn how Jews first came to settle in the Brohl valley and which professions they could practice. As there were many Jewish cattle traders in the Brohl valley, this will receive special mention. Before the construction of the Synagogue, a Jewish cemetery already existed in Niederzissen, and prayers and lessons were held in private residences throughout the region. In 1841, a synagogue is built in Niederzissen, and a mikveh, a ritual bath, is established next to it. The visitor is then given a chronology of the Nazi era – which brought all Jewish life in the Brohl valley to an abrupt end – and onward until the present day, where the former synagogue, after extensive renovations, is used as a memorial and cultural site.