Chapter 3: Daily Life

In this chapter of the virtual tour of the former Synagogue Niederzissen, called “Daily Life”, Jewish rites and festivities of life are explained with the aid of some well-preserved objects from the Genizah. Starting with circumcision for the boys – Brit milah – and the naming ceremony for girls, including the Bar and Bat Mitzvah and finally the wedding, Chuppah, all important ceremonies of Jewish life are explained, with references to the Jews of the Brohl valley – because such rituals accompany Jews from the very beginning of life until their death. Besides traditional rites like prayers, everyday life of Jews is also characterized by their observance of Jewish dietary law (Kashrut) and ritual purity. From the 18thcentury onward, the number of Jews who do not structure their life in accordance with the religious precepts has steadily risen. They don’t pray daily, don’t visit the synagogue on every holiday and don’t eat kosher.