Josef Kahn

Born on September 19th, 1867, in Niederzissen.

Lives in Niederzissen.

Dies on December 14th, 1942, in Theresienstadt.

Josef is the eight child of Simon Cahn and Tosilla Schweitzer. A butcher by trade, he lives with his family in Niederzissen in the former Dorfstraße 96 (today Kappellenstraße 29). The property encompasses a house, garden, yard, stable and a slaughterhouse. During the First World War, he serves on the frontlines. It is reported that, when the bishop visits the village for confirmation, Josef Kahn – alongside all his Gentile neighbors – decorates his home and even places a sign on his door stating: “Though I might be an Israelite, I too honor the bishop.”[1]

On a 1942 postcard from Theresienstadt to their son Max in Belgium, widowed Mina Kahn informs her son of his father’s passing: “I inform you that I am healthy. Our dear father died on December 14thof pneumonia. Be content, he was only sick for a few days and was fairly well until then. Care for yourself, so you stay healthy, I do my best for my own health. Greetings and kisses, your mother Mina Kahn.” At this point, her son Max has already been murdered in Auschwitz.

[1] Report by Mrs. Maria Brachtendorf