The Shofar horn is an ancient musical wind instrument widely used during antiquity in the Middle East. It symbolizes the planned sacrifice of Isaac, in whose place a ram was eventually offered. Its horns are a reminder to God of the vicarious atonement of Israel (Genesis 22). For this reason, the Shofar is sounded in synagogues even today on the high holidays Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur – New Years and the Day of Atonement – which center around the confession of sins and the reversion back to God. The Shofar, made from a rams horn, is the only instrument of antiquity that is still regularly used today.

Title: Shofar (Ram’s Horn)
Date: probably 19thcentury
Material: horn
Dimensions: length around 32 cm (12.6’’)
Creator: unknown
Sponsor: unknown

The Genizah of Niederzissen contains only a single Shofar horn. It was most likely put there because it was broken and no longer functional for the high holidays.

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